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News API Pricing


For non-commercial use and development

$0/ mo
  • ~15,000 API calls
  • 21 request/hour limit
  • Full-text search
  • 5 articles per call
  • Non-commercial use only
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For small commercial projects

$399/ mo
  • 250,000 API calls
  • 5 requests/second
  • All Endpoints
  • Filtering (country, topic, website, and many more)
  • 100 articles per call
  • Commercial use
  • No uptime SLA
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For data-driven companies

$699+/ mo
  • 500,000+ API calls
  • Uptime SLA
  • US location-grained feature
  • Priority support
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How many articles per day do you have?

Over 350,000 articles and this number is growing.

How many news sources are supported?

Over 50,000

Can you add website XYZ?

Yes, absolutely!

We have a special request. Do you make a custom solutions?

Sure thing.