Ultra-fast API to find news articles by any topic, country, language, website, or keyword

A wide range of endpoints to ease your integration.
Our own solution that does not depend on any external services/APIs

0 minutes delay

News articles are available as fast as we parse them


350 ms average response time


Our search engine understands 10 languages

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API Calls15,000100,000250,0001,000,000custom
Rate limit21 requests/hour1 request/second3 requests/second5 requests/secondcustom
Max Articles Per Page100 for /v1/search_free only. Others are max to 5100100100custom
Cache results
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How many articles per day do you have?

Over 250,000 articles and this number is growing.

How many news sources are supported?

Over 50,000.

Can you add website XYZ?

Yes, absolutely!

We have a special request. Do you make a custom solutions?

Sure thing.