Search news using API

We crawl and index hundreds of thousands of news articles daily, so you do not have to run web crawlers yourself


The only news data worth using is enriched data

You need to know more than simply date, time and title of the article. We enrich our datasets with the exact location of editorial, topic of articles, and assign website rank.


Know where each article is coming from


Want to get news only about science? Sports? Politics?


Not every news website is equal. Separate out the noise from low-ranked websites

News API Pricing


For non-commercial use and development

$0/ mo
  • ~15,000 API calls
  • 21 request/hour limit
  • Full-text search
  • 5 articles per call
  • Non-commercial use only
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For small commercial projects

$399/ mo
  • 250,000 API calls
  • 5 requests/second
  • All Endpoints
  • Filtering (country, topic, website, and many more)
  • 100 articles per call
  • Commercial use
  • No uptime SLA
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For data-driven companies

$699+/ mo
  • 500,000+ API calls
  • Uptime SLA
  • US local news feature
  • Priority support
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Spend your time analyzing, not cleaning

Data collection, deduplication & normalization eat up to 90% of work time when you have to collect your data from thousands of news websites

For PR & Media Monitoring

Know industry trends, track customers and competitors, all with highly customizable news data searches

For Custom News Aggregators

Build your own solution with a real-time news stream

For Market Research & Analysis

Know your market actor's media footprint


Want to know more?

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What is in one API call to News API?

One API call is one response from any endpoint. It is up to 100 articles.

Can I unsubscribe?

Anytime, you'll not get billed again. We manage all subscriptions via RapidAPI

We need local news for country X. Is it possible?

Totally, contact us with more details and we'll come back to you ASAP.

Can we get all your data?

Maybe, it depends on your use case. Contact us to get a definitive answer.