Ultra-fast API to find news articles by any topic, country, language, website, or keyword


QUALITY > quantity

We do a lot of manual data cleaning work. We do our best to make sure that every news source is reliable, constantly updated and correctly labeled

1,000,000 News Sources

We do not have millions of news sources. But you should not worry about it because only a few thousand are responsible for 99% of worldwide traffic

Rank Each News Source

We daily update the rank of each news website in our database

Reactive to your demands

If you cannot find the source that you need just let us know. We promise to respond and add it within 24 hours

Best price–quality NEWS API on the market

While we keep our prices low we do not forget about the most important things, such as support, up-to-date documentation, and clean data

Multi-language search
Hand-picked sources
Fast response time
Extensive documentation
Web Development

REAL multi-language support

Our search engine supports the most spoken languages. Each of these languages is processed uniquely, so you can be sure you will get correct results


Secure payments via RapidAPI

Our "Essential" plan is the cheapest 250,000 requests/month plan on the market



$0/ mo
  • ~15,000 API calls
  • 21 request/hour limit
  • Full-text search
  • 5 articles per call
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Optimal for small apps

$29/ mo
  • 100,000 API calls
  • All Endpoints
  • Filtering (country, topic, website, and many more)
  • 100 articles per call
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Cheapest on the market

$49/ mo
  • 250,000 API calls
  • All Endpoints
  • Filtering (country, topic, website, and many more)
  • 100 articles per call
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Enterprise +

$149+/ mo
  • 1,000,000+ API calls
  • SLA
  • Consultations on working with news data
  • All Endpoints
  • All Filters
  • 100 articles per call
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Core Features


Our search engine natively supports the top 10 most spoken languages

Ranked Sources

We update the rank of news websites every day

Fast Support

We are a small team but we remain in touch 17/7

Near Real Time

We do our best to update news articles with less than 15 minutes delay since published

We Help You Integrate

We have been working with news data for quite a while. We consult our "Enterprise" customers for free

Readable & Precise Documentation

Everything is well documented. A wide range of examples is provided

We ❤️ Open Source

Check out our Python library that allows you to automatically retrieve the latest news from top thousand most popular news outlets in 2 lines of code. No external API involved!

Who we are.

We are a group of humans with a shared goal

Artem Bugara


Artem is a Data Engineer with years of experience working with news data. One day Artem did not find a News API he wanted, so he decided to build his own.

Maksym Sugonyaka


Maksym is a Data Engineer. One day he accepted Artem's proposition to help him on a technical side.

Becket Trotter

Python Developer

Becket is the main contributor to our Python Package. Also, he helps us develop stocks endpoint.

Becket is open for your job propositions!

Contact us

Got any questions? Don't hesitate to reach out.