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Search multi-language worldwide news articles published online with NewsCatcher's News API

Over 1,000,000 news articles every day

Our algorithms are parsing over a million news articles/day.

Worldwide & multi-language

Get access to any language & any country news articles via NewsCatcher News API.

Over 6,000 users

Our APIs are used by more than 6,000 developers worldwide.

#1. Find Relevant News Results Only

Zero noise. You need relevant data only. That's why we give you over 15 filters to narrow down your search query.

API Documentation

#2. Structured JSON REST News API

We deliver our data in a structured JSON format. Or, as a full data dump.

Article: How NewsCatcher Works

#3. Easy-to-use Knowledge Base

SDKs, tutorials, guides, blog posts, code snippets, Postman workspace, etc.

Knowledge Base

What our clients say about us

NewsCatcher News API provides our teams with a real-time coverage feed, and we’re able to directly use the news data to run analysis and create visualizations that arm them with important metrics to show the true value of their work to our clients.

Aaron Goldberg - Product Developer of Outwing

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