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Start analyzing Google News headlines in minutes

google news headlines in real-time

Each call you make goes straight to Google News. We do not cache any results so you always get the data as it appears on Google News

similar articles

We parse Google News' sub-articles so you can collect more data

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Google News API Pricing

3,000,000 articles for just 49$/mo

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API CallsHow many calls per month in your plan. For News API3,60030,000100,000
Rate limitThe maximum allowed calls limit5 requests/hour3 request/second5 requests/second
Max Articles Per PageHow many articles can be fetched from 1 call100100100
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need a more flexible solution?

Check our in-house News API to get more than 100 articles per 1 search, filter by sources, countries, website rank, and more

custom search

Need to search for any specific person, company, or event? Use the search endpoint to make advanced queries

filter by date
exact match
boolean operators

detect news by location

See how the stories uncover in your town of interest using the geo_headlines endpoint

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