Use Cases

Check how our customers make data-driven decisions using Newscatcher's News API

#1 Your Own News Aggregator

Many organizations, platforms, and developers think about integrating a custom news data feed. We provide the "fuel" for those projects

Multi-language support
Country Top Headlines
Filter by topics & websites

#2 Data Science Projects

Natural Language Processing is one of the fastest growing field of AI. We deliver normalized & clean machine readable data

Text Classification
Topic Clustering
Keyword Extraction
Sentiment Analysis

#3 Algotrading

Get the public sentiment before it is reflected in the stock price.
Add more data points with alternative data

Search by Ticker
Financial News Websites
Try it yourself!

#4 Market Research & Analysis

Get a deep understanding of the markets in which your business operates

Online reviews
Competitor news
Product pricing

#5 Media Monitoring

We gather more than 200,000 news articles/day. There is no way your business is not affected by any of those.